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Abundant achievements of consulting services for motor-related business

Over 20 years since our foundation in 2000, we have strived to provide and develop valuable business models to motor business operators.

We provide comprehensive support including branding of automobile-related businesses such as automobile inspection, coating or plating from scratch, planning and designing of stores by creating their appearance, promotional activities by using printed materials and web marketing.

The environment surrounding the motor-related business is now facing significant changes such as transition to electronic vehicles (EV) due to the concept called “CASE” (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric), achievement of the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or realization of decarbonized societies. Under these circumstances, we fundamentally improve the business structure and build the business models to respond successfully to such changes by DX (Digital Transformation), utilizing our accumulated know-how and IT technology.

Web marketing services

For automobile inspection or coating business, we create LP (landing pages) dedicated to the clients and provide them with marketing services to encourage customers to contact them through the Web.

We lead the accesses to the “conversion” to eventually acquire reservations from the customers by increasing the clients’ search ranking by thorough measures for SEO and by directly approaching to the customers seeking the services in the clients’ trade areas.

We also post advertisements for value such as listing advertisement and always manage and operate them in pursuit of optimum results.

System development

We promote the DX (Digital Transformation) of the motor-related business by utilizing our unique planning capabilities based on our proven technological capabilities and accumulated know-how as well as by making full use of our IT technology.

We contribute to the business solution of the clients and improvement of their operating effectiveness by building the unrivaled “valuable business models” based on our patents acquired by our unique system development.

We are also actively addressing the provision of our self-developed systems on an OEM basis and the development of new systems in order to flexibly respond to every environment.

Rental and purchase business of used cars expanding nationwide

We are providing a rental service of used cars called “Value Rent-a-Car” having overwhelming competitiveness over major rental car services across Japan.

We have accumulated our unique knowledge and know-how not possessed by our competitors by operating our directly managed help desk and call center, directly collecting a lot of voices from the business operators and customers through them.

In addition, we are also providing a used car purchase system called “Value Up” which is operable at low risk and at low cost due to the assessment of used cars by our head office and the purchase guarantee system of used cars.